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"Conserving Water One Pool at a Time"
"No Downtime During Purification Filtration Process"

No-Drain Pool Purification

There was a time when it was mandatory to drain out residential pools frequently. This was done in order to maintain the water balance as well as to protect the equipment and plaster. But when the water is drained out completely and the plaster is exposed, that too can cause damage to the plaster and involves very expensive pool repair. At times when the water is removed from the pools, they “pop” out of the ground and “float”.

No-Drain Pool Purification

Another major concern is that water is a scarce resource and when you drain the water to get the pool cleaned out you are also wasting a lot of it. This is even more significant in times of drought. The one way to circumvent all these issues is to opt for the No-Drain pool purification process. Clean Water Solutions in Bakersfield is one of the leading companies in this space. We provide the best pool water purification services to customers across the region.

Helping the Environment

This is the best solution and beneficial to you and helps the environment too. It helps significantly in water conservation and poses no risk whatsoever to your pool installation. What you get is safe and clean water that requires lesser chemicals to maintain. Our No-Drain pool purification is truly a boon for homeowners across Kern County and surrounding areas. Now, don’t worry about those gallons of water being wasted. We are happy to be able to partner closely with you and help conserve this precious resource.

No-Drain Pool Purification

The Process

The No-Drain pool purification process is rather simple and we bring a self-contained unit to your location. All we need from you at the site is a long garden hose; this is used to replace a very small quantity of water that gets lost during this process. Even all the supplies and power are brought by us and the entire process is carried out in a very professional and meticulous manner. We also make sure that there is the least disruption to the daily activities on your property while we are working there.

Clean and Safe Water

No-Drain Pool Purification

What you get in place of the tired old and unsanitary water is fresh and clean water that you can safely swim in. The No-Drain pool purification process we use is highly advanced and helps conserve up to 85% of the water in your pool. All the total dissolved solids and hardness will be removed and so will the viruses, nitrates and phosphate and the water in your pool will be almost as clean as bottled water. There really is no other way to get your swimming pool water cleaner than this.

If you want a pool that has the cleanest and safest water and want to do your bit for the environment by conserving water, opt for our specialized No-Drain pool purification process. It’s a great way to keep your pool water clean. For more information, call Clean Water Solutions on 661-444-1303 today and speak with our experts.