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No-Drain Filtration FAQ's

No-Drain Filtration FAQ's

Q. What are the common reasons for draining a pool?

The Total Dissolved Solids ("TDS") may be too high. The pool water is not able to maintain safe chlorine levels. At times the calcium and phosphate levels may also be very high and unclean water encourages algae growth in the pool.

Q. The water in my pool looks clear. Why is it not getting properly sanitized?

Over time there is a build-up of chemicals & minerals in the pool water. These may come from the direct water source, the plaster material, as well as the sanitizing chemicals that you add over the years. These chemicals & minerals have a negative impact on the sanitation process as they limit the effectiveness of all the chlorine you use

Q. Will this process clear up all the algae-green in the pool?

If there are algae in your swimming pool, certain additional steps will be required to complete this process. However, you are still not required to drain the pool.

No-Drain Filtration FAQ's

Q. Am I required to do anything when you are carrying out the no-drain filtration process?

No. All you have to do is provide us access to your swimming pool and we will handle the rest. We have certified and professional personnel on our team who will bring all the required equipment with them; the water will be processed and cleaned in a very thorough manner

Q. What if the pool requires any surface/ drain cover repairs?? Will I have to drain the pool?

If any underwater repairs have to be carried out, we have a certified scuba diver on staff that can do most repairs without draining the pool.

Q. How much water can I conserve by using the no-drain filtration method?

Our specialized no-drain filtration method saves up to 85% of the pool water from being drained into stormwater drains. In a typical residential pool, it saves around 18,000 gallons of water from being wasted.

Q. Does this process help in any other way in protecting my pool?

It eliminates all the hazards of removing pool water, which exposes the surface plaster to the weather. In addition, it eliminates the risks of the shell "popping" right out of the surrounding ground. Avoids collapse of an above-ground pool /vinyl-lined pool when the water is removed

No-Drain Filtration FAQ's

Q. How does the no-drain filtration process make my pool water safe?

  • It significantly lowers levels of calcium, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), cyanuric acid (conditioner), salt and phosphates from pool water
  • In addition, it reduces the total amount of chlorine required to maintain the appropriate water sanitation levels
  • It also restores water-quality to a state that is better than regular tap water
  • There is an improvement in the feel of swimming pool water and it becomes softer & smoother

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