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"Conserving Water One Pool at a Time"
"No Downtime During Purification Filtration Process"

Conserving Water

Most homeowners do their bit for conserving water and are aware of the various methods such and ensuring that there are no leaky faucets or pipes on their property. They also use better landscape watering methods that help conserve water. But very few people realize that their pool is a major impact on their water conservation efforts. It becomes necessary for homeowners to drain out the water from their pools regularly and refill it with fresh water. In the past, that was the only way to be assured of clean and safe water in the pools.

A Special Purification Process

Conserving Water

But the fact is that the number of pools in the Central Valley and the Central Coast, the amount of water wastage is massive and billions of gallons of water are lost every year when swimming pools are drained out. The one way to put a stop to this and help in conserving water in a better way is to opt for our No-Drain filtration system. In this process, all the water from your pool is run through a mobile filtration unit and the water is then diverted back into the pool.

The Double Benefit

What you get is clean and safe water and you also do your bit for the environment by conserving all that water. Apart from the fact that you end up wasting a large amount of water when you drain a pool, the other concern is that all that water also gets channeled into the stormwater drains. This means all the minerals and chemicals from the pool water are getting drained into the rivers & oceans. This is not natural and ends up causing a lot of harm to the environment.

The Sustainable Solution

Conserving Water

Today, conserving water is a big issue and with good reason. We at Clean Water Solutions like to do our bit for the environment and provide efficient and reliable No-Drain pool water purification services. This quick and effective process helps in maintaining the balance of your pool water and conserves almost all of it too. Though this service is slightly more expensive compared to draining & refilling the pool, it’s sustainable. We use our own mobile power and filtration units and all we need you to provide is a garden hose to refill a small amount of water that gets lost in the process.

Be a Responsible Citizen

It is the duty of every single person to help in conserving water in every which way possible. This is a very precious resource and one that we cannot afford to waste. We provide excellent water purification services that go a long way in conserving water. Do your bit for the environment, be a responsible citizen of Bakersfield. Contact us today and speak with our personnel to find out more about how you can use our services and conserve water.

Contact Clean Water Solutions on 661-444-1303. We are one of the most well-established companies in this field and completely focused on providing the best services at the most competitive rates. Call us with your requirement today.